Education being the all-round development of the innate talents of a child, we give as many opportunities as possible to every student to participate in a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Participation in these activities will not
only help to draw out and develop his / her various talents and aptitudes but also inculcate in him/her a spirit of healthy competition. It will also teach him/her to become a more disciplined individual. To achieve these aims we have provided
facilities for indoor and outdoor games, athletics, literary, cultural activities, and club activities.

Outdoor Games: Basketball, Skating, Kho-Kho
Indoor Games: Table Tennis, Carroms
Athletics: It includes Runs, Jumps, Throws, and Gymnastics


Literary Club: To help children improve and excel in their communication skills written and spoken.

Eco Club: To make children conscious of their environment and play their role through the Programmed for Environment Awareness in School.

Health & Wellness Club: To encourage children to adopt a healthy lifestyle through exercise, and a balanced diet.

Art Club: To hone in on their skills, develop their techniques and portfolios, and helps create bonds with the community through the arts.

Heritage Club: To help children to discover the culture and heritage of our country. And it is also to attempt to understand all aspects that make the identity of our Indian civilization.

Mun Club (Model United Nation): Here students are given scope to discuss global issues and their perspectives to work to solve the problem through debates and discussions.


Cultural: Students are also encouraged to participate in various cultural activities like Singing, Music, Dance, Fancy Dress, Drawing, Painting and Theater arts.

Celebrating effervescence fest on various subjects etc.Since every activity of the school is a part of the school curriculum and is meant to educate the child as a whole, it is incorporated into the daily timetable without affecting the academic performance of the children.

In order to organize and conduct these activities in a systematic way all the students are classified into four Houses. Ignis – (Motto-Ever willing – The red color house), Tepors (Motto-Believe & conquer- The Orange house) Aer – (Motto-Made of
compassion-The Yellow color house) and Creos – (Motto-Creative mass-The Purple house)

The inter-house competitions are spread throughout the year and are conducted regularly, incentives for participation are given in the form of points as per merit, medals, as well as trophies to the house and certificates of merit to the individual

All these activities are meant to develop the total personality of the child. It has always been noticed that the children who do not participate in any activity turn out to be the most undesirable elements in the school. They are shy, timid, unsociable,
quarrelsome and indisciplined. So, parents and teachers should encourage and guide their children to participate wholeheartedly. It is compulsory that every child should participate at least in one event each from Literary, Cultural, Sports and Games.

It is important that after being in the classroom for five to six hours a day the child should be given an opportunity to relax his/her mind and exercise his/her body at least for an hour, Therefore, no exemption is given to anyone from participating in
the co-curricular activities except on medical grounds.


Students are taken out for class picnics to nearby places every year. It is compulsory for all the students to participate in the same. Students of all classes are taken out on education tours with the permission of their parents. It is compulsory for the students to wear their school uniforms during such events.

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