Telugu Bhasha Dinotsavam

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Learning a language is the basic need to be able to communicate, but learning one’s mother tongue is the respect and honour one gives to his roots. Telugu is the official regional language of the two states. We at school acknowledge the fact and want our students to appreciate the language. Telugu Bhasha Dinotsavam falls on 29 August every year which marks the birth anniversary of the renowned Telugu poet Sri Gidugu Venkata Ramamurthy. It is an honour that we give to the people who promoted the language in all aspects and areas.

Students participated in various in-house competitions, conducted the assembly proceedings in Telugu along with song, folk dances of the place and a comedy skit on ‘Paramanandaiya Shishyulu’. Students were honoured with certificates for their performance at the literary competitions conducted on the occasion of Telugu Bhasha Dinotsavam. Such events, celebrations and competitions allow students to learn and understand the significance of the language.

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