Launch of Chandrayaan – III

Dear Parent,

Greetings to you!!!

It is pivotal to blend learning with apt experience and exposure provided during school life, which helps in an overall development of a student. We want our students to stay motivated, updated and above all witness every moment that brings out the feel of being a proud Indian. 14 July, 2023, the day marked as a red-letter day will always be cherished by our Insigniites. They were all set and glued to the launch of the prestigious Chandrayaan – 3 in the school auditorium. Students of grades 5 -8 waited with excitement to cheer for the country.

They got a chance to watch the live telecast of the launch with the understanding of the efforts made to make this day happen. As the clock struck 2:35 pm Chandrayaan – 3 thrust above the launch pad, our students were all in pride with applause to have been a part of the live moment. It was indeed a moment of pride and honour for all of us!!!

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