Independence Day Celebrations

Dear Parent,

Greetings to you!!!

India, a country with one of the robust democracies, is a nation everyone vows to. We feel immense pride to be called “INDIAN”.

Being a nation with rich heritage, culture, and tradition, India is strengthening its hard, as well as soft power with time. All this became possible when India became free 76 years ago. And, to date, we mark that as Independence Day! A gala celebration was planned at school to celebrate the hard gained freedom. This day is also a tribute to those who selflessly gave their lives for the future of the country.

The school hosted a series of in-house events for the pre- primary like dress and depict, mike talks, dance. The day’s celebration began with the hoisting of the tricolour with the national song reverberating around. Students presented march past and gave exhilarating performances on patriotic tunes. There was a daring display of students making pyramids, rolling out gymnastic moves with ease showcasing vigour and courage.

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